From Bohemia’s Woods and Fields

The Silent World of Bedřich Smetana

Documentary uncovering the amazing story of a Czech who wrote some of his most beautiful music following deafness in the last decade of his life.

Trailer running time: 3 min 30 sec

(10-sec black leader…20-sec black ender) 

Too Many Ghosts

A morality tale on the folly of war

fictionalised commentary on the folly of war told against the backdrop of English composer Sir Edward Elgar’s music, England’s great war poets, and specially-composed verse by the film-maker.

Trailer running time: 2 min 43 sec

(5-sec black leader…10-sec black ender)

Silly Robin

A true story

The lives of naturalist Ian Woodward and wife Zenka are changed after being befriended by a robin redbreast…resulting in an amazing relationship that arouses wonder, admiration and trust.

Trailer running time: 3 min 2 sec

(10-sec black leader…20-sec black ender)