heads for Nashville, Tennessee,
and guitars at dawn!

The celebrated director, writer, producer and artist Ava Leigh Stewart, left, founder of America’s hugely successful media production company Art West Film, informs a delighted Encore Films that Love Song: The Triumph and Tragedy of Tchaikovsky has been added to the renowned Southeastern Film Festival via Vimeo. The festival, in Nashville, Tennessee, is a group on Vimeo created by Art West Film which specialises in films, television, commercials and new media projects.


A bereft Tchaikovsky 
in LOVE SONG rides
to the death-scene 
of muse Eduard Zak

Ava Leigh Stewart, a published author, started her glittering career at CNN, climbing the ranks of news production. She quickly established herself on the Hollywood radar after directing, producing and writing the award-winning film Keepers of the Gate. She has worked in the Los Angeles, Atlanta and London film industries for major studios and independent production companies in all areas of development, production and new media.

She, along with Art West Film, believes individuals can change the world through the power of ideas. She explains to Encore Films: “Few artistic mediums have the power of moving images…film, television and new media.  Dreams, imagination and emotion speeding by in front of your eyes – truths and lies wrapped up in emotional and visceral responses, images of tragedy and grandeur, and of course, heroes and villains.  The common and the unbelievable, all made real in a story of love won and love lost, of men made and men destroyed, and of power and the power to overcome. Few artistic mediums outside film, television and new media wield such influence to invoke emotions, attachment, inspirations, life challenges, love, and hate.”

It is a sentiment which we at Encore Films not only totally agree with and support but have tried to convey in Love Song. Now check out Art West Film ( and see what exciting things they’re up to right now in America.

As for the Southeastern Film Festival itself (24 to 26 April 2015), which Ava Leigh Stewart co-founded, this is unique among festivals in that it is promoted and held in many small towns across America’s Southeast through screenings and events. The audiences contribute feedback to the selection of the final films, added to which 50 judges are prominent members of the film community across the United States and internationally. The final selected films are first shown in Atlanta, Georgia. 

In addition to the cash and prizes, the following awards will be given to the top films: Best Film, Best Direction, Best Writing, Best Music Video, Best New Media, Best Animation, Best Student Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Original Music Score, Best Sound Design, Best Animation, Best Visual FX, Best Special FX, Best Costume Design, and Best Make-Up.

The festival will continue to expand to different cities throughout the Southeast, so that films entered for the festival will be shown to the greatest number of audiences, on as many screens as possible, as well as the winning films trailers which will be streamed online via the festival website. All very exciting!