The modern-day horror film, The Werewolf Delusion, based on Ian Woodward’s international best-selling book of the same name – and originally scheduled to be shot in the UK this summer – has been postponed by Encore Films until 2017.

The filmmaker completed work on the final draft of the screenplay in early 2016.  It soon became apparent, however, that the sheer complexity of the creation, and the logistics and technical resources that were required to make this large-cast film ready for production, was far greater than in his naivety he had anticipated.

It was going to need a great many more months of pre-production than was available to him in 2016 – not least in terms of a finding suitable locations, contacting dedicated hair and make-up experts, researching special effects and acquiring new state-of-the-art equipment including camera and rigs – to do justice to the concept of the film.

Part erotic horror flick, part mystery tale, part detective story, The Werewolf Delusion will call on a roster of characters embracing a glamorous rock star, his disturbed lesbian Goth girlfriend and her buxom roadie, a psychiatrist with an expertise in lycanthropy, an unsuspecting middle-class couple and their two teenage kids, and a Welsh detective inspector and his junior detective sidekick determined to crack the mysterious spate of horrific deaths that have brought night-time terror to people living in a rural area near Windsor Castle in the English county of Berkshire.

With The Werewolf Delusion, Encore Films have one unbending ambition: to impart a new twist on the filmic Gothic werewolf genre and to propel it at the very heart, pulse and psyche of 21st century post-Brexit England.


Meanwhile, Encore Films are in pre-production with Ian Woodward’s I Love You Truly, a wistfully and fitfully romantic parable involving the on-off-on-off relationship of a beautiful American actress and her English boyfriend. A tale of starry-eyed self-exploration, it will start shooting this summer. Watch out for more news!