Tchaikovsky in Love – The Trailer

TCHAIKOVSKY IN LOVE is adapted from the ballet sequence in Ian Woodward’s full-length film “Love Song: The Triumph and Tragedy of Tchaikovsky”, recipient of many awards spanning Hollywood to Salzburg. The docudrama reveals for the first time that Tchaikovsky’s popular “Romeo and Juliet” Love Theme is NOT about a teenage boy and girl in love.


I Love You Truly – The Trailer

I LOVE YOU TRULY is the story of two young people discovering and building trust and finding a soul mate they hope will be with them forever. It follows the on-off relationship of the couple as they begin to find out more about each other and experience true love for the first time. It stars the acclaimed young English actors Charlotte Frost and Richard Mark as the young couple.


I’ll Walk with God – The Trailer

I'LL WALK WITH GOD is an emotional musical drama about a fictitious former opera star from America for whom “Tosca” and “My Fair Lady” were not sufficient in themselves to feed the inherent sense of spirituality that drives him on. His father’s homeland, England, has taken him and his family to the West Midlands...and to ... [Read More]

Sacred! – The Trailer

SACRED! MUSIC FROM THE HEART distils into one compilation some of the best-loved inspirational songs from Ian Woodward’s hit film musical “I’ll Walk with God”. Includes: “Ave Maria”, “Because God Made Thee Mine”, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, “The Lord’s Prayer” and the film’s title-song “I’ll Walk with God”.


Adoration – The Trailer

Wildlife docudrama about the seasons in the English countryside seen through the eyes of Nature Woman and accompanied by inspiring music and the filmmaker’s screenplay-in-verse.


Love Song – The Trailer

LOVE SONG is a biopic drama based on ground-breaking research by Tchaikovsky aficionado and filmmaker Ian Woodward and reveals for the first time the heart-breaking true story behind the creation of Tchaikovsky’s fantasy overture Romeo and Juliet which spawned the world’s most famous love theme. It is a cinematic first that will rock the classical-music … [Read More]


High Herts Equestrian Centre

  Website promo for the High Herts Equestrian Centre, near Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, who provided invaluable assistance with the filming of the wedding flashback scene in the film THE RED ROSE.  


The Red Rose – Trailer for Young Audiences

The Red Rose is a musical fantasy about a modern-day Alice in Wonderland set to the music of Tchaikovsky. Sub-titled “A musical fantasy for the child in all of us”, it has become popular with young audiences around the world


Silly Robin – The Trailer

The lives of naturalist Ian Woodward and wife Zenka are changed after being befriended by a robin redbreast…resulting in an amazing relationship that arouses wonder, admiration and trust.


Too Many Ghosts – The Trailer

A fictionalised commentary on the folly of war told against the backdrop of English composer Sir Edward Elgar’s music, England’s great war poets, and specially-composed verse by the film-make